House Party

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House Party

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Respect
  • Unlockables: None

Looks like OG violated his parole by quitting the Burger Shot. He figures one big blowout before he goes back to prison is in order.

  1. It is recommended that CJ get some new threads and hairdo. Head over to Rodeo and take care of these items. Then head toward the party in Grove.
  2. When you get to the party, things are really moving along until a Grove Family member comes in to tell the party that the Ballas gang has launched a major attack.
  3. With cars as barricades, the first wave of eight hits you head on. The second wave of four hits from the bridge above while the third wave of twelve hits from the alley next to Ryder's house. It will be a wild melee so make sure you are constantly "scooting and shooting".
  4. When the smoke clears, CJ is amazed that that Ballas attacked with that much force. After this the mission is over.