Hove Beach LTA

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Hove Beach

Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Line 3/8 Broker Line
Service 3/8
Platforms 2 (1 on each level)
Tracks 2 (1 on each level)
Borough Broker
Next north Easton (A/J Algonquin Outer Line): 3/8 Broker Line
Next south Schottler: 3/8

Hove Beach is a subway stop on the Liberty City Subway system, located at the intersection of Wappinger Street and Crockett Avenue in the Hove Beach neighborhood of Broker. It is a dual-level station: trains to Dukes stop at the lower-level platform, whereas trains to Algonquin stop at the upper level. The station is adjacent to Firefly Island and its amusements, making it a popular tourist destination. It is a very busy station, as the sole stop on the subway in southern Broker. The station is served by the 3/8 Broker Line.