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The following is a script of Hung Out to Dry in Grand Theft Auto IV.


City worker: You're going to have your license revoked...

Mickey: What?

City worker: My friend, smoking in a bar is a crime. Plain and simple.

Mickey: You're joking right? This is a joke...

(Niko walks in and see's Vlad on the phone with someone)

Vlad: Hey, Mallorie. Tell fatty his cousin is okay... he just walked in. Great girl.

Niko: Yeah? Stay away from her.

Vlad: Of course. Now listen - you did good with that business the other day, but now one more peasant is trying to avoid paying.

Niko: Who?

Vlad: Muscovski jerk who owns a laundry on Masterson Street. Thinks in this country, business is done differently. Says he will call cops on us.

Niko: Okay. So?

Vlad: Jerk needs to be taught a lesson. Give him a beating. Let him know... might is right!

City worker: Hey, stop that smoking back there.

Vlad: Screw you.

City worker: Easy, buddy.

Vlad: Go on. Do what you gotta do. But remember, you see a cop... you don't know me.

Niko: I see anyone, I don't know you.

Vlad: Ho, ho.


(Niko enters the laundromat and see Muscovski)

Niko: I have a message from Vlad.

(Muscovski throws a clothes basket at Niko)

Muscovski: Shit, stay away from me!

(Niko chases his van and rams it with a car)

Niko: Pull over your van.

Niko: Okay, you want me to ram you? I'll ram you off the road.

Niko: Stop your van already.

Niko: Pull up, chump!

Niko: I'll ram you off the road.

Niko: Shit, you're starting to piss me off.

Niko: You enjoying yourself, asshole?

Niko: You're making this harder for both of us.

(Niko gets Muscovski to stop his van)

Muscovski: You got me. You got me, okay?

Niko: Why have you no paid Vlad the money you owe him?

Muscovski: I'm going to, I have just been having the trouble getting it together. Vlad is impatient man.

Niko: You will be getting the money to him soon, or your wife shall be using your washing machines to get blood out of your clothes. Do you understand? I do not ask twice for a favor.

Muscovski: I understand. I will get it to him. I thought this country was different.

Post mission phone call

Failing the mission

Shop owner is killed

Niko: Vlad, the muscovite ain't around no more.

Vlad: I hope you didn't kill him, I hope he choked on some detergent or something? Stupid peasant, think about it. Dead men can't pay me money. Now your cousin's going to have to owe me for this as well.

Shop owner escapes

Niko: Vlad, I couldn't catch your friend.

Vlad: Fucking yokel, you were meant to teach him a lesson. He's going to be the problem buzzing in my ears now. Dipshit!