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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Hung Out to Dry in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Hung Out to Dry
Niko looking for a car to chase the shop owner with
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Vladimir Glebov
Weapon/s needed: Pistol or Micro Uzi


Go to the laundromat.

Go to the laundromat at Hove Beach, park the car and enter the shop. The shop owner will see Niko Bellic, throw a basket at him and run through the back door.

Chase the shop keeper.

Chase the shop owner through the back door. You will see how he escapes in a van. Quickly get into either the Blista Compact or the Sentinel parked in front of you. Chase the shop owner following the same route he goes through. If you don't see him, look for him on the radar, but don't stop or you may miss him. When you catch up to him, shoot at the van's tires with either a pistol or Micro Uzi. This will make it tough for him to turn around corners, and will be easier for you to ram him. Don't shoot at his head, or you may risk killing him, failing the mission. When you get close enough to him, ram his van with your car. Keep doing this until he stops. Then, Niko will get out of the car and talk to him. After this, the mission is completed.