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The Hunter is a military attack helicopter in GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. It is based on the US AH-64 Apache.

The Hunter is a very deadly aircraft, having a self-targeting machine gun and the ability to shoot two unguided rockets at once. Like the other armed military vehicles, the Rhino and Hydra, it has infinite ammunition. The helicopter can be used as a vigilante vehicle, with its own set of side missions known as "Brown Thunder". In terms of damage to the helicopter, it is not bomb-proof/fire-proof/explosion-proof like the Rhino, but can survive long while being shot at.

  • Note: While the Hunter appears as an aesthetically correct AH-64A 'Apache' in Vice City, for some reason Rockstar saw the need to make it more unrealistic by removing the gunner's cockpit as well as adding an obviously incorrect tail rotor for its appearance in San Andreas. The validation for these changes are unknown, and the Vice City Hunter stands as the definitive model.