Hunter Quarry

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Hunter Quarry is a large blast-mining operation located just southwest of the city of Las Venturas, San Andreas. It is minutes away from Greenglass College and the Blackfield Intersection. This is the site of one Las Venturas mission, Explosive Situation, and is the location of the quarry side-missions that are unlocked after completion of this mission. Completing the quarry side-missions involves use of the Dumper and the Dozer, and rewards the player $2,000. The player can replay the mission to beat the record time.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson's recent arrival in Las Venturas to meet with his friend Wu Zi Mu at his new headquarters begins a lucrative new chapter for Carl in the game's storyline. He learns that Caligula's Palace, a casino just up The Strip from Wu Zi Mu's Four Dragons Casino, is being taken over by the Leone Family. One of Carl's new associates in Las Venturas, Ken Rosenberg, of GTA Vice City fame, provides him the opportunity to befriend Salvatore Leone and start planning an intricate heist of the casino's main vault. As part of the plans, Carl sets off to Hunter Quarry to obtain dynamite that he will later use to cripple the city's power supply. With only minutes to spare before security guards arrive, Carl boldly strolls into the quarry, hijacks a large construction vehicle, and begins smashing crates carrying the explosives, while irate construction workers attempt to stop him. When security finally does arrive, Carl gathers up the explosives and makes his way out of the quarry on a Sanchez through an intricate series of jumps, all while security guards take shots at him with pistols.