Hyman Condo

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File:Hyman condo purchased.JPG
Hyman Condo Purchased Screen

The Hyman Condo is a condo in Downtown, Vice City. This condo is located near Hyman Memorial Stadium, hence the name.

The Hyman Condo can be purchased for $14000, and doing so will give you another save point and a few car garages on ground level.

The Hyman Condo has three garages, but storing too many cars will cause the garage to take away some of his/her vehicles stored inside. The large garage can store up to four vehicles, and the two smaller ones can both store two cars.

The driveway also contains a police bribe, and there is a Molotov Cocktail spawn at the restaurant to the east of the safe house. The exit to the east is partially blocked off with fold-up barricades, however these can be destroyed by driving through them at speed.

On the roof of the building, there is a helipad where a Maverick helicopter spawns. If the Maverick isn't on the roof when you go up there, it can appear if you drive away (for instance, to V-Rock/Love Fist headquarters) and come back. The roof has access to various weapons depending on how many hidden packages you have collected, and a change of clothes, which doing so will lose the police if you have a one or two star wanted level.