I'll Take Her

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I'll Take Her...
Game: Grand Theft Auto: IV
Mission boss: Gerald McReary
Start location: Alderney State Correctional Facility
Reward: $9,500

I'll Take Her... is the first of four missions involving Gracie Ancelotti in Grand Theft Auto IV. Gerald McReary asks Niko Bellic to kidnap Gracie, and take her back to a safehouse.


The player must drive to an Internet Café and view an ad by Gracie, who is selling her car. The player then calls Gracie using the phone, who will only answer between 8.00 and 21.00, and Gracie says to come and test drive the car, which is a pink Feltzer. If the player doesn't call her straight away, it is possible to complete other missions in between.

When the mission is continued by calling Gracie and meeting her at her house, the player follows a GPS route on the test drive, but half way through, Niko turns around the car and reveals that he is kidnapping Gracie, and the GPS route changes, leading the player to a safehouse where Niko drops off Gracie into the hands of the McReary mob. On the way, Gracie keeps grabbing the steering wheel, making it easy to crash or flip if the player is driving too fast. Once the player reaches Catskill Road en-route to the safehouse, Niko knocks Gracie out.

This mission continues as ...I'll Take Her, and once again, it is possible to complete other missions in between.


Right after completing this part of the mission, Gordon's man will drive away with Gracie's Feltzer. You should kill him to attain the car as there isn't more of that variant.

It is possible that the man driving away after the mission is in fact Stevie, Brucie's friend that you can attain cars for through text message. As he drives away Gordon says his name is Stevie