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The following is a walkthrough for I Luv LC in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Once you get control of Luis, get into Tony's car. Drive to Hercules. When you get there, Tony will have a quick word with Troy, the doorman, about a special VIP coming to the club later that night. Once they are done, do a U-turn and head to Maisonette 9.Tony will head to the office to take of some stuff while Luis heads down staris to watch the floors. Welcome to Maisonette 9. You can hit the dance floor, grab a drink or two at the bar, or head upstairs to enter a drinking contest. Whatever you do, Tony will eventually call about some people causing a disturbance outside. Head back upstaris to the front door. You find that it's Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, Luis' childhood friends, trying to get into the clubs, but are being denied by Dessie, the doorman. Luis will eventually get them to stop. Now get back into Tony's car and drive the two boys back to North Holland. Once you drop them off, the game instructs you to head home, to Luis' Apartment. Head to your apartment, and change your clothes. Mission complete.