Ice Cold Killa/Walkthrough

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When you arrive at the garage, you'll be looking for materials to make a silencer, but Cesar Vialpando has something better than materials for making a gun silencer, a gun with a silencer already built in (which Cesar claims he bought at the same place he buys his pants). Now you're ready to pull off this assassination.

Now, drive yourself to Jizzy's Pleasure Domes in the bay area and you'll find that the guards won't let you in. So, you'll have to get in through an open skylight. But, before you do that, notice that Jizzy's pimpmobile is parked right next to you...if you want this mission to be easy, it is recommended you shoot the tires on Jizzy's car.

Start climbing up the wooden construction building next to the pleasure domes, eventually, you'll reach the top. Jump onto the roof of the pleasure dome. Now, if you have a Rocket launcher with you, you can completely destroy Jizzy's car. Then, he will not escape in his pimpmobile, but in a Pizza Boy. Get into the building through the open skylight. Now, equip your silencer gun and walk your way down to the first floor. In a cutscene you'll arrive to talk to Jizzy, but you'll eventually pull out your gun and try to shoot him, however, Jizzy sets his guards on you and a shootout will begin. Once all of Jizzy guards are dead, head out the door and after Jizzy!

Jizzy will get in his pimpmobile/Pizza Boy and try to escape, however, if you shot down the tires on the pimpmobile, Jizzy will drive horribly and he'll crash into everything, making him easier to gun out of his car. If you didn't shoot down the tires, then Jizzy will drive off without problems, chase him down, damage his car and eventually, Jizzy will try to get out and run off, chase him and shoot him, then take his phone. Mission accomplished.