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Idlewood, Los Santos (near), showing Big Smoke's home (light green) and Downtown Los Santos (distance); as depicted in GTA: San Andreas

Idlewood is a district in Los Santos, located slightly to the east of the city center. Idlewood, in 1992, had become a stronghold for the Ballas gang, but the district had previously been held by Grove Street Families. The only known resident of Idlewood is Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Idlewood is a stronghold for the Ballas gang, in particular the Front Yard Ballas, who use the area to launch attacks on both the Grove Street Families and the Varrios Los Aztecas, in order to take control of Little Mexico and Ganton. Idlewood is the home of Big Smoke, a Grove Street Family gang veteran, however the Ballas do not attack him (as it is later revealed that Smoke had been collaborating with the Ballas).

Idlewood, after the return of Carl Johnson and Sweet Johnson, becomes a district under the control of the Grove Street Families. The Ballas are pushed out of Idlewood, and begin to lose other districts also. The Grove Street Families continue to control Idlewood through the end of GTA: San Andreas.



  • Big Smoke's House


  • 1 Day Service
  • 24 Hour Motel
  • 25¢ Video Arcade
  • Alhambra
  • City Burgers
  • Pay 'N' Spray
  • Petrol Station
  • Old Reece's Hair & Facial Studio
  • Super $5.00
  • Tattoos
  • Well Stacked Pizza Co.
  • Wholesale Produce


  • Flowers (considered a weapon)

Stationary Vehicles


  • Sprunk soft drink vending machine (replenishes health)