If the Price is Right

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If the Price is Right is the first part in the Deal ending in GTA IV. In this mission Niko goes with Phil Bell to colllect the money made from Dimitri Rascalov who sold the heroin the Pegorino's stole to some buyers.

Mission Walkthrough

When you meet up with Phil at the Acter Industrial Park he'll tell Niko that they are going to Port Tudor. Grab a vehicle and head there. On the way Phil explains the plan. Dimitri is going to hand over the "H" to the buyers while they collect the cash. But Niko becomes suspicious, and he's right! Dimitri calls him and says that "he'd thought it'll be easier to kill the buyers". Phil then says the only way to get the cash is to fight for it. Follow him into the warehouse. Sure enough, goons start shooting at you and Phil. Guard Phil and protect him, because if he's killed the mission is a faliure. Watch out for more goons on the way down. When you get to the exit, the truck with the cash is speeding away! Quickly, grab a car (mostly the nearby Rancher) and ram it until you get the truck to stop. Once it stops, Phil says that he'll take it and call Jimmy about the situation.


Unfortunately, when Kate McReary calls after your decision, she's disgusted at you. She originally said not to do the Deal. She refuses to come to Roman's wedding and dumps you.