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The Vulcar Ingot is a car available in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is a wagon that looks much like a Nissan Stagea WC34, such as the taillights and the side profile, ect.; but it being manufactured by Vulcar might suggest that it is based on a fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta. However the Stagea is a more performance-orientated car, where the Ingot doesn't seem to be. After Niko Bellic collects all thirty cars for Stevie, Stevie agrees to purchase cars from Niko, with the Ingot fetching $1,000.


The Ingot has a high-pitched engine noise and low reliability, suggesting a V-5 engine or V-6, reminiscent of Volkswagen's trademark V-5 engine or their version of the V-6, the VR-6; these engines in the fourth generation VW Jetta both have less than 200 horsepower. The engine in-game may stop working after a few major crashes. The Ingot isn't very fast, making it a poor choice for car chases.

A special R type version can occasionally be found; it's an Ingot with removed badging and new grill, a small spoiler with a small body kit, and candy red paint. This version can mostly be found in the Hove Beach area, as it's driven by Russian Mafia members.


The Ingot can frequently be found near Roman's taxi firm in Broker.