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Interglobal Studios, the sole film studio in Vice City, presently serves as a pornography film studio for pornography film director Steve Scott and was bought off by Tommy Vercetti later in the storyline. Besides it affiliation to prawns of the crustacean variety, the name "Prawn" may be a play on "pron" or "pr0n", informal terms for pornography that are used frequently on the Internet. Whether or not the studio was previously used for filming of more mainstream movies remains unknown, (but is hinted at in Vice City Stories) although several movie sets that seem relatively unrelated to pornography were seen in the studio, including movie sets featuring battleships, and a moon landing complete with an American flag (an apparent reference to conspiracy theories that American moon landings were faked).

InterGlobal Telivision

In Los Santos, there is also a Telivision Studio with the same name, this could mean that Tommy Vercetti started to work in Telivision.