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Invetero is a luxury-sports car manufacturer featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. The company's only offering in IV is the Coquette sports car, based on the real-world Chevrolet Corvette. The Police chatter rarely refers to the Coquette as a "Declasse" which could imply that Declasse owns/builds/rebadges Invetero Coquettes. Given the similarities between the Corvette and the Coquette, the company's real-world equivalent is most likely the EU-only Corvette Europe Corvette brand (see Discussion page). Invetero's logo is similar to the lighting bolt logo of Opel, a European car brand owned by General Motors. The company's name could be a verbal pun on "in-vitro".


Vehicle Style Based on (GTA IV) Notes
Coquette Sports Car 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette