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{{Infobox gang
#REDIRECT [[Irish]]
|name = Irish American Killers
|game = CW
|game2 =
|game3 =
|game4 =
|locations = [[Steinway]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]<br>[[Meadows Park]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]<br>[[East Island City]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]
|leader = unknown
|type = Irish-american Mafia Family
|enemies = [[Algonquin Triads]]<br> [[Huang Lee]]
|affiliations = [[Spanish Lords|Lords Spanish]]
|colors = Light Green and Brown
|cars = [[Bobcat]]<br>[[Burrito]]
|weapons = [[Pistol]]<br>[[Shotgun]]<br>[[SMG]]
|businesses = Extortion<br>Racketeering<br>Murder<br>Armed robbery<br>Abduction<br>Gambling<br>Alcohol<br>Drug dealing
|fronts = [[Steinway Beer Garden]]<br>[[Lucky Winkles]]
|members = Liam
The Irish American Killers are a Irish-american Mafia Family based in [[Dukes]] and serves the main successor of [[McReary Crime Family|The McReary crime family]]
in the minigame in [[GTA Chinatown Wars]] the Irish american Killers sell Acid and buy Ecstasy through their drug dealing all around Steinway. the membre of the gang can be see driving green and orange [[Bobcats]] and [[Burritos]](whitch also have ladders).
They unique apparition is in the mission"Cash and Burn" which [[Huang Lee]] must burn a cargo and kill all of irish mobster to get revenge on the [[Midtown Gangsters]] for not cutting them in on a big drug deal
[[Category: Gangs in GTA IV]]
[[Category: Gangs]]

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