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It's Your Call
Niko calling Roman upon seeing the Albanians
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "It's Your Call" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


  • Go to the hardware store.

After the cutscene, get in Roman's Taxi with Roman Bellic. Now go to the hardware store at Schottler. When you arrive, Roman gives you his cell phone and tells you to wait in the car.

  • Wait for the loan sharks.

Stay in the car waiting for the Albanians. While waiting, the game shows some tutorials about the camera and the cell phone. After some time, Roman will call you. Just pick up and wait for the call to end. After that, the Albanians will show up from the street ahead.

  • Call Roman.

Inmediatley call Roman to warn him. He will run from the back door and get in the car.

  • Evade the loan sharks.

Now you have escape from the loan sharks without hurting them. They will chase you and shoot at you with pistols and some bullets will most likely hit you, but you will be okay. Just quickly make a U turn and head to Roman's cab depot. At some point you will lose the loan sharks and you will be able to park the car at the depot to finish the mission.

After the mission, the game will trigger some more tutorials about the cell phone. You will later recieve a text message from Roman asking for help.