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Ivan the Not So Terrible
Niko choosing Ivan's fate
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Vladimir Glebov

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Ivan the Not So Terrible" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Go to Roman's cab depot.

Get in the Blista Compact and go to Roman's cab depot. When you get there, Ivan will speed off from there.

Chase Ivan.

Now you get into a chase with Ivan. He is fast try not to crash or spin too much. It should be noted that Ivan will speed off in the opposite direction you approach him from, so he will take different paths, but they will not change (he cango due north or south, but always taking the same streets). Eventually, Ivan crashes at a construction site and escapes by foot. He gets into the unfinished building, climbing all the ladders. The game shows some tutorials on how to climb ladders. Follow Ivan until he gets to the top of a crane. He will jump from it to another building all over the street. Do the same. He will jump from building to building until falling and stay hanging from a ledge.

Choose Ivan's fate.

When you reach him, you are given the choice of killing him or letting him alive. The game shows what buttons to press to kill him or sparing him.

If you choose to kill him, Niko will step on Ivan's hand, so he will fall on the street and die. If you choose to spare him, Niko will lift him up and let him go. He will become a random character later in the game.

Either way, Niko wil call Vlad, who tells him he's been having sex with Mallorie, and the mission will end.