Jack Howitzer

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Jack Howitzer is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas. Howitzer is an actor, who has starred in such films as Exploder, Exploder: Evacuator Part II and Special Needs Cop. Howitzer's most notable role was as Tim, a war hero from the Exploder films. By 1992 his career had slowed down, with Howitzer's latest film (Special Needs Cop), being released. Along with his career downturn, he has also become confused, believing that his movies were real. He was interviewed on West Coast Talk Radio's Entertaining America show where he accidently and fatally shot host Billy Dexter (Jack thought that his gun wasn't loaded). Jack was later put on trial for murder and faced the death penalty, although the outcome is unknown. When interviewed by WCTR later, he admits to killing the original Ho Chi from the Exploder movies, although it remains unknown whether this event took place in a film or within the storyline. He is never been seen in person throughout the GTA series.