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Members of the Hillside Posse gang
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Schottler and Beechwood City, Broker, Willis, Dukes
Leader: Real Badman
Type: Jamaican street gang
Enemies: Faustin Family, Russian Mafia
Affiliations: None
Colors: Green, yellow and black
Vehicles: Green and black Voodoos and Huntley Sports with gold rims and trim
Weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi
Fronts: Homebrew Café
Members: Real Badman, Little Jacob

The Hillside Posse (also known as Jamaican Posse) are an Afro-Caribbean gang operating out of the Schottler/Beechwood City area of Broker, Liberty City. They are first seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The gang is led by Real Badman, a respected Jamaican gangster, and they deal mostly in cannabis and firearms. They have a concentrated presence in a Dukes apartment complex, however they mostly operate from the Homebrew Café in Beechwood City, Broker; the Café is owned and operated by Jacob Hughes (“Little Jacob”), the protégé of Badman, and a prolific arms dealer.

The gang frequently clashes with other drug dealers in Dukes and Broker, and employs hired guns like Niko Bellic to assist in these matters; additionally, Russian gangsters at one point attempted to intimidate Badman, hoping to absorb the Posse’s operations; Badman responded by murdering the gang, with Niko's aid.

Most members of the Posse are Rastafarians; they can be heard speaking Iyaric, frequently smoke marijuana, and wear their hair in dreadlocks. They can be seen wearing brightly coloured suits or army fatigues, and some wear Rasta tams. They are well-armed, most members carrying pistols, or occasionally a knife or baseball bat. Their cars are painted in the colors of the Jamaican flag: green, black and gold. They can be found in the Beechwood City region, particularly the Homebrew Café, and have a presence in neighbouring Schottler and Willis as well.