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Jerkov is Claude's first contact in the Industrial Sector. Jerkov is a high ranking member of the Russian Mafia who are jealous of the USA's products, so they steal cars and weapons to sell back in Russia. The Russians are against The Zaibatsu Corporation and the Hare Krishna. Jerkov employs Claude to help the Russians gain full control of the Industrial Scetor. Later in the storyline, Jerkov sends Russian assassins to kill Krishna leader, Sunbeam, but are thwarted by Claude. The Russians return to Russia after the gang is backstabbed by Claude and are at the mercy of the Zaibatsu Corporation.


D.O.B 29/02/72

Birthplace Siberia

Identifying Features

Serbian war Tattoes.
Numerous facial scars from knife fights.
An exit wound where a Bosnian bullet took out his right kidney.

Criminal Record

Russian Army record notes numerous terms in the Stockade. Thrown out of the army in 1989.
Mercenary activity in Czech republic and Serbia.
U.S. Record - 1994 - Linked to the deaths of numerous underworld figures, before disappearing.
1996 - Knife attack - One year.
1997 - Possession of Heroin - Acquited, evidence lost.
1998 - Suspected disemboweller of rival gang figures.

Hang-Outs Gun stores and bars with no music. He also enjoys exciting American field sports like Baseball.

Girlfriends Sandra Tito (Serbian refugee, wife)

Car N/A

Weapons 12'' Gurka knife and a small fishermans hook knife. Also carries semi-automatic for real trouble spots.

Habits Cruises round the docks and checks security, often ventures into rival gang areas just to incite violence.

Drugs Heavy heroin addict as is Sandra. No recreational substances will suffice.

Specialities Blood everywhere.

Alias's Junkie, Soldier, Smiler.