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Jetsam shipping crates seen in the GTA V trailer.
Jetsam Terminal in Los Santos Harbor.

Jetsam is a shipping company that exists in Grand Theft Auto V. Jetsam shipping crates can be seen in the GTA V trailer, and the company appears to be a parody of the real life Danish Maersk Sealand Shipping Group, a shipping conglomerate. Its logo is blue and resembles the Maersk logo, and also is used on grey and blue crates, the same colors used by Maersk Sealand. The animal on the logo appears to be a squid, jellyfish or a ray, a reference to the sea urchin used on the real-life Maersk logo.

The company has a shipping terminal in Los Santos Harbor as seen in a screenshot. It has one group of criminals defending it from another. This is likely a shipment of drugs that is unrelated to the company, with 2 groups fighting over the shipment. This is likely going to be a new activity in Grand Theft Auto V.


  • In the English language, Jetsam means cargo that has been thrown overboard to increase efficiency in the ship.