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For the similarly-named actor in The Ballad of Gay Tony, see Jimmy Boston.

Jimmy is an actor who appears on the radio in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In 1986, as a child actor, he starred in the show Just the Five of Us, alongside Claude Maginot, playing a child of the same name. His catch phrase on the show was "But I'm 42!", going on to say that he has "a rare disease" and is an investment banker as well as sexually active. By 1992, however, the show has been cancelled and replaced by My Five Uncles.

In 1992, he attends a child actor's convention at The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas (sometime after the mission The Meat Business), and is arrested for cocaine. While being dragged out, he insists it's "just flour, I swear!", and punches Richard Burns in the groin, calling him a "liberal media bastard". He mentions that he is 51 years old.

This is a reference to Emmanuel Lewis' ("Webster") dwarfism and Gary Coleman's kidney condition, which makes both actors look like small children even though they are both 39 and 42 as of 2010.