John Hunter

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John Hunter

John Hunter is a candidate for governor of Liberty City State in Grand Theft Auto IV. His opponent is Michael Graves. Both he and his opponent use gratuitous amounts of attack ads in their campaigns. On PLR, he talks about Society, Health Care, Economical Plans, and being an Army Veteran in supporting the troops. There are radio and television advertisements from Hunter that frequently attack Graves and from Graves that frequently attack Hunter. There also are billboards around Liberty City wanting people's vote for Hunter. He appears on The Intelligent Agenda on Public Liberty Radio, where he calls himself a conservative liberal democrat and ends up spanking child prodigy Zachary Tyler to teach him to be a nicer person. His political views seem to be embracing certain views of the far left and far right. It is unknown which political party Hunter belongs to, but he describes himself as a 'Conservative-Liberal'.

He is voiced by Henry Strozier.


  • John Hunter refers to the Internet as "a series of tubes", a reference to Alaskan Republican senator Ted Stevens' "series of tubes" analogy.
  • There's a John Hunter campaign billboard in northern Berchem along the Alderney Highway, which is strange, as Alderney is a separate state to the one Hunter is running in.
  • There are campaign posters for John Hunter in Algonquin.
  • He was called a "Fat bald prick" by his opponent, Michael Graves.