Johnny Klebitz

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Johnny Klebitz is the acting head of the The Lost Brother Hood, standing in for incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. He has been able to keep relative peace with rival biker hang, The Angels of Death.

He was introduced to Niko Bellic by Elizabeta Torres who wanted Niko, along with Playboy X, to accompany Klebitz to a heroin deal. It turns out that the dealers they were meeting were undercover LCPD officers and a gunfight ensues in which Klebitz escapes.

Later on, Pegorino Capo Ray Boccino had Klebitz accompany Niko to a diamond deal with the Jewish Mob, Klebitz betrays Boccino and Niko by having the deal shot up by a Latino and steals the diamonds. The diamonds are then passed on to the Ancelotti Family.