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For the radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV, see The Journey.
File:Journey 1.jpg
A Journey in GTA San Andreas.

The Journey is a mobile home available only in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The rear part of the interior is inaccessible; therefore only two people can fit in the vehicle. The accomodation area of the vehicle (the back) contains a red tiled floor, a sink,a table accompanied by two bench chairs found at most fast food restaurants, and some cabinets. The Journey has a large flat roof, making for a great rampage platform. The only way to access the roof is to jump on the front end and make a second leap onto the top.


The Journey, living up to its bulky size, is incredibly slow, but gains great speed going down hills. The acceleration is poor as are the brakes, but it is very sturdy and withstands a lot of ramming before giving out and exploding. The steering is also below-par and it tends to roll a lot. But, all this combined makes it a great stunt vehicle for jumping off Mount Chiliad.