Just Business

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Just Business

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Respect and a MP5
  • Unlockables: None

One of my more favorite missions. This mission is actually broken up into two parts. The first part has you rescuing Big Smoke while the second has you riding shotgun while Big Smoke drives.

  1. Big Smoke wants you to head downtown for a meeting with the Russians. It seems everyone is involved in all the gang violence. Once you arrive at the building, Big Smoke goes in while you wait outside. This lasts only a short period since Big Smoke has gotten himself into trouble.
  2. You will notice a health bar for Big Smoke. Your job is to protect him at all costs. Space is tight in this room but use the obstacles to pick off the Russians. Don't forget about the ones on the balcony. After you clear the room, collect their weapons and money. Also, grab the armor behind the counter and head for Big Smoke.
  3. You will then be outside to take care of the rest of the Russian mob. After you gun them all down, a cut scene will show Big Smoke hopping on a motor- cycle and CJ riding shotgun. You will also notice a BIKE health bar.
  4. First you will be pursued by motorcycles. Either shoot the riders off or shoot at their gas tanks to take care of them quickly. Keep in mind, you must constantly readjust to account for Big Smoke's erratic driving.
  5. Soon a big car-carrier will come alongside. Don't bother shooting at it since you can't destroy it. Just concentrate on the bikers.
  6. You will reach a "S" curve. Swing your gun around to see the three car roadblock with Russian mobsters between the cars. Shoot the middle car to blow it up and take out the rest of the cars and mobsters.
  7. Swing the gun quickly to the left to take out the solitary car. Big Smoke will then enter the drainage ditch.
  8. Again, you will start with motorcycles in pursuit. They will be eventually joined by cars. Shoot the windshields and hoods of the cars to destroy them. A big cut scene will show the car-carrier jumping off the above bridge to take up pursuit. Again, don't worry about shooting it, just take care of the bikes and cars in pursuit.
  9. When you come to another roadblock, Big Smoke guns the motor and uses the car-carrier as a ramp to jump over it. You will then go up a concrete ramp.
  10. Take out the car to the left and quickly swing right. Shoot out the grate over the sewage pipe to enter it. Use the red barrels within the pipe to take out enemy bikes.
  11. After you get through all of this, Big Smoke drops CJ off and the mission ends.