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This is the script for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mission Just Business.


(Carl and Smoke over at Smoke's house.)

Big Smoke: Hey, CJ, baby, whassup man?

Carl Johnson: What's happening, Smoke?

Big Smoke: Chillin'. Wanna go for a ride?

Carl Johnson: Yeah.

Big Smoke: You drive. We're going downtown.

(Carl and Smoke reach their destination and Smoke goes inside the Atrium.)

Big Smoke: Look Carl, before I walk in there I just need to know you down with this shit, man.

Carl Johnson: Look, Smoke, we go way back. We Groves, man!

Big Smoke: That's what I'm talking about, that's my dog! Hey look, if you hear shit start to pop off, come in there blasting, a'ight?

Carl Johnson: I'm down, dog.

(Big Smoke from the inside shouts.)

Big Smoke: Motherfuckers! CJ, get in here - oh there you are!

Big Smoke: Use some cover, they're blasting like fools in this motherfucker! Ice those fools, CJ!

Russian: Big Smoke, you made big mistake!

Big Smoke: Watch yourself, CJ, I think they's pissed! CJ, take the right and cover my ass! Keep it up baby! That's my dog, makin' y'all pay!

(Smoke and CJ kill all the Russians)

Big Smoke: Stick with me CJ, we outta here, baby!


Big Smoke: Stick real close Carl! Keep your head down, that airs as thick as shit in here!

Russian: Smoke, you and your friend are dead men!

Big Smoke: Motherfuckers! Back me up! That's my homie, CJ! Ha ha ha ha, homie, you ice cold, baby!

(All the attackers are dead, Smoke and Carl jump on a bike.)

Big Smoke: Time to return the favor baby, get on!

(Smoke and CJ drive down the spiral parking lot and are followed by a black bike)

Carl Johnson: They after us on a bike, Smoke!

Big Smoke: Waste any motherfucker that follows us!

Carl Johnson: Shit man, they comin' fo' us in a truck!

Big Smoke: Don't tell me about it, take it off the road, pop it!

Big Smoke: Damn! Look at all this traffic - GET OUTTA THE WAY! I'm comin' through!

Carl Johnson: We got bikes on our six - smash it Smoke!

Big Smoke: Hold on tight,baby!

(Smoke hits a ramp and jumps over 2 busses)

Carl Johnson: Aww Smoke, NOOOOOOO!!!

(The Packer hits a bus)

Carl Johnson: Ah, they hit a bus!

Big Smoke: Ha ha ha, I'll never dis public transportation again!

Big Smoke: Damn, road-blocked!

Carl Johnson: Ah Smoke, these cats is organised. It's something you ain't tellin' me man!

Big Smoke: Look Carl, all I know is that they're real pissed with us right now!

Big Smoke: Hold on though, I got an idea.

Carl Johnson: Smoke, what you thinkin'? Flood controls a dead end, man!

Big Smoke: To hell with that, we have to lose those cars, don't worry about that. I know a way out, up past Grove Street.

Carl Johnson: The old sewer tunnel? Oh man...

Big Smoke: Watch out backs!

Carl Johnson: Smoke, it's more bikes!

(The Packer truck drives off a bridge and into the canal, rejoining the chase.)

Carl Johnson: Oh shit, now the truck's found us again.

Big Smoke: Man, stop being so negative! Focus on the good news!

Carl Johnson: Such as?

Big Smoke: We ain't dead, and your trigger finger still works, fool! I think the gearbox is screwed up on this thing! I can't get no speed!

Carl Johnson: Yeah, who negative now bitch?

Big Smoke: Point taken. I'll keep my mouth shut from now on. Watch out backs!

(A car drops off the Packer, hitting a Russian car and causing it to explode.)

Big Smoke: OH SHIT!

Carl Johnson: Oh man, the cars found a ramp!

Big Smoke: Don't tell me about it, SHOOT!

(Another car falls off the Packer)

Big Smoke: Hold on!

Carl Johnson: Get us up that ramp, Smoke!

Big Smoke: I'm on it baby!

Carl Johnson: We still got bikes on us, man!

Big Smoke: Man, quit bitchin' and shoot as many of them assholes as you can! Fools totaled their truck!

Carl Johnson: Go around 'em, man!

Big Smoke: Screw that, we're taking the sceinc route!

(Smoke uses the packer to jump over a roadblock, causing all the roadblock cars to explode.)

Big Smoke: Fry, motherfuckers!

Big Smoke: That's the old sewer up ahead! Shoot out the gate! big smoke the gate cj the gate (if you dont shoot out the gate Big Smoke: Nice one, CJ, here we go!

Carl Johnson: Man, I used to hate this tunnel when we was kids.

Big Smoke: Hey, we can reminisce later, we still got company!

Carl Johnson: Don't these guys ever give up?

(After a long chase, Smoke and Carl manage to lose the Russians.)

Carl Johnson: We lost 'em, Smoke! Man, we better split up.

Big Smoke: Man, that was some crazy shit back there!

Carl Johnson: Yeah, for sure. Listen, we can't hang around here - I'll see you later, homie.