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K109 The Studio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV, which plays disco music. The DJ for the station is Karl Lagerfeld. This radio station gets expanded in the second downloadable content The Ballad of Gay Tony. The music of K109 is played inside Tony Prince' club Hercules, it also could be Gay Tony's favourite radio station as it is always on when you first enter his Schafter.


  • Electrik Funk - "On a Journey" (1982)
  • Don Ray - "Standing in the Rain" (1978)
  • Cerrone - "Supernature" (1979)
  • Peter Brown - "Burning Love Breakdown" (1977)
  • Tamiko Jones - "Can't Live Without Your Love" (1979)
  • Gino Soccio - "Dancer" (1979)
  • Suzy Q - "Get On Up and Do It Again" (1981)
  • Rainbow Brown - "Till You Surrender" (1981)
  • Harry Thumann - "Underwater" (1979)
  • Skatt Brothers - "Walk the Night" (1980)

Exclusive to The Ballad of Gay Tony

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  • If you play this station while Bernie Crane is the car, he will respond positively.