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Slogan: “KGBH, in fantastic medium wave!”

Bomba Tomba: “Special price cabigde: Two for buck. I bought one supply this morning only. Is very good for digestion, makes you do all kinds of lifting things with your butt.”

[Muziek hapert en stopt]

Bomba Tomba: “I think machine’s broken... Is not good. Okay, is never working. I break his legs this bastard who gave me this piece of... shit”

[Muziek start weer]

Bomba Tomba: “Okay, it’s working now. This very good. Here we having now with radio... eh... Aaah! This is enouncement I must give enouncement. This is has anyone seen green soulvrado stolen from outside my house? Eight clock ten... no... Ten clock last night. I was little drunk and forgot were I left. It could be anywhere...”

[Muziek stopt nog eens]

Bomba Tomba: “Hey! Come on what do you want... I’m on the air right now! What do you asking me what question? Ah! Hehe! Forget it, forget the last mesage, we found the car. Okay, requests. Well, Boris Smerchzj was twelve today. Happy birthday Boris! He got computergame and cake. Eh, Boris, Boris, sell the game, eat the cake!”

Slogan: “KGBH, where the big noise is!”


Bomba Tomba: “Oh jah! Is very very nice, is very nice. I am very much liking my own radio station. I had just a little of dedication to make to my wife Wanda. Wanda, I want to say, I’m sorry I didn’t make home last night. I was very much drinking. I did not make it, I want to make it but I hope you make me dinner still because I like your borsjt. Is very good and I also like Sljlk *Russisch-Engels gemompel*, with cream and I come by for dinner later, okay? Now, ...

Prodo: “Wanda and Brad plays the music that I like! Bomba Tomba! Bomba Tomba!”

Bomba Tomba: “Music special for my wife. Special for my wife, I play special for you. This is something that I’ve had very many years at home and is very nice piece... *ghaaasj* I don’t have it, I don’t... I DON’T HAVE PIECE! Prodo, get over here what you do with... This... where’s my case? I have case with this piece! This not good. Forget it. Forget... I can’t... Sorry Wanda. I can’t play this piece for you, but I want to give you something later private, okay?”

Slogan: “KGBH!”

[Muziek start]

Bomba Tomba: “This very good band! Is all chicks! This called “Nipples and Chains”! Very good band. Er... Give me the track. Prodo! Prodo, come, come, this very good. Never before heard on my radiostation. You hear first from Bomba Tomba. I give you the best. There is no other reason why you listen anywhere else. Don’t even think about... Break the radio dails. This is very good, listen:”

[Music gaat verder]

Bomba Tomba: “Okay, Prodo, come... What you do? Where are you? You’ve got some more work there.”

Prodo: “Sssst!”

[Muziek: Nipples and Chains]

[Musiek stopt]

Slogan: “KGBH, on you own vibra...[Piep]”

Slogan: “KGBH, on your...[Klik!]”

Prodo: “Bomba Tomba! Bomba Tomba!”

Bomba Tomba: “This sh*tload of what got... You’re sunk! I ain’t be on air for few minutes more then... I’m not staying on air. This ridiculus! This wodka just sunk... The wodka sunk... I’m going out of here! This... No, Prodo, Prodo, Prodo, I’m leaving now. You stay here do it. I’m been doing this for houres! You do it! I’m sick of this! This is ridiculus, you idiot! Forget it. Prodo, if you listening... GET IN HERE! I’m going to break your neck, you little bastard-prick! Get in here because now is your turn. Okay, this is Bomba Tomba, I say goodnight. This man is crying, a man of my word. I will kick your little spindely butt! Okay, this gone. I’m gone. This forget, I got work to done. If you want to get free wodka, you have a snorkle in things like this and wetsuits, come down and we will get you some wodka. Down at docks and slips... Anyway...”

Prodo: “If you read on the card you’ll be cheating on your heart. Bomba Tomba! Bomba Tomba!”

Slogan: “KGBH, good radio for family and friends!”


Bomba Tomba: “This KGBH Radio. This No-Noncence radiostation. If you get pissed of, you don’t like station, you just change it, don’t listen, okay? You don’t want to listen, don’t listen! It’s blrrr! Is ridiculus! I don’t have to listen to you, you don’t listen to me! Just turn it off! But KGBH places the best black-market radio.”

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