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Kalem Petrela

Kalem Petrela is an Albanian Mob gangster who was associated with loan sharks in Broker. Kalem appears in the mission Bleed Out, beating up Roman Bellic, before being beaten to death in a basketball court by Niko Bellic. When fighting Kalem, he shouts at some point that Dardan Petrela is his brother.

Mission appearances



  • Kalem's jacket is almost identical to the Albanian biker jacket unlocked in "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle", but with a red sleeveline instead of black.
  • In the online mission, Bomb Da Base II, some of the members aboard the ship resemble Kalem.
  • Even if the player didn't use weapons to fight Bledar, the game's status screen confirmed that Kalem was in fact killed by Niko.