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File:Kart 1.jpg
Kart seen here by Madd Dogg's mansion

The Kart is a new very small vehicle available on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a very fun car to drive because it can do many, many tricks that a normal car cannot do. It can be obtained from several places in the state, one being Madd Dogg's mansion (after completing Cut Throat Business), and the other being in San Fierro behind a gas station, by the Naval Base. It can also be found in El Quebrados, inside a building. Lastly it can be found inside one of the two shacks on top of a cliff in Bone County (it's the one where A: you have to defend Toreno's Helicopter that has the "package" for him, and it is B: where The Truth drops you off at the end of "Black Project").It can also be found in the Angel Pine trailer park.