Kenny Petrovic

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Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic is a south Broker based Russian Mafiaboss. While not seen in the single player portion of the game, he is on the LCPD computer system and is described as possibly the most powerful Russian Mafia boss in the country. His organisation is seemingly at peace with Mikhail Faustin's organisation until Faustin orders Kenny's son, Lenny, killed. After Niko drives a truck rigged with a powerful explosive into Petrovic's garage, Konstantin is prepared to go to war and kill those responsible, but Dimitri strikes a deal with him in which Niko would kill Mikhail.

Despite his apparent absence in the single player game, Kenny is prominent in the multiplayer aspect of the game. He appears in the multiplayer missions Mafiya Work and Team Mafiya Work. In these missions, the player must obey Petrovic's orders, protect him from rival mobsters and take care of Kenny's "Black List." He also assigns orders in the co-op missions Bomb Da Base II, where you must bomb a ship, Deal Breaker, where you must disrupt a drug deal, and Hangman's NOOSE where you must escort him to safety while fighting off NOOSE enforcers.