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King Courtney is the leader of the Jamaican Uptown Yardies gang who appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance.

In GTA III, he assigns Claude jobs from Staunton Island, operating from a payphone located near Liberty Campus. The primary focus of his jobs are mostly related to attacks against rival gangs, with one of these mission requiring that Claude turn his back against the Diablos by killing several of its members. The final "job" involved Claude being lured into a trap, where Catalina has dispatched vans of "SPANK-ed up madmen" suicide bombers to kill Claude, an act that subsequently fermented relationships between Claude and the Yardies. He is never seen in person in Grand Theft Auto III, but does during his appearances in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

In Grand Theft Auto Advance, he appears as Mike's fourth boss. Involved in a turf war with the Colombian Cartel, Courtney is also involved in illegal racing around Staunton Island. He and his gang would serve as another primary antagonist alongside the main antagonist Vinnie near the end of the storyline. He makes an appearance in GTA III set 1 year after GTA Advanced.

King Courtney was voiced by Walter Mudu in Grand Theft Auto III.

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