Knowing Me, Knowing You

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This is a side mission in The Lost and Damned for Thomas Stubbs III. It involves Johnny going to Bryce Dawkins mansion and stealing his orange Infernus. Then he is supposed to take the car to the mechanic in lower Alderney and he will bug it so Stubbs can expose Dawkins' relationship with Bernie Crane. Stubbs says the mechanic will fix all the damages to the car. Johnny then has a set amount of time to get the car to the mechanic and back.  After the mission, Stubbs gives Johnny the number so he can listen to the bug. During the phone call you can hear Bernie singing and also talking about Luis Fernando Lopez, the protagonist of the next DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Later on you can hear sirens and Niko shouting at the police, since Bernie gives the Infernus to Niko because of all his help.