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* Spawns regularly on all islands
* Spawns regularly on all islands
* Easy Credit Autos, [[Harwood]], Portland Island
* Easy Credit Autos, [[Harwood]], Portland Island
* Near [[Toni Cipriani]]'s contact point in Portland.
==Appears In==
==Appears In==

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The Kuruma as depicted in Grand Theft Auto III.

The Kuruma is a four-door sedan seen in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The word "kuruma" means "car" in Japanese, which may suggest that the car is of Japanese origin. Nevertheless, the vehicle's shape, especially that of the rear, resembles a Dodge Intrepid.

The Kuruma is the first car made available to the player in both GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, probably due to the fact that it's so easy to drive. The Kuruma is competent in every way, but fails to excel in any area. It's fairly fast, but not as fast as a Banshee, followed by Stinger. It handles fairly well, but not as well as the Sentinel, and so on. Nevertheless, this is one of the nicer cars to be found in Portland at the beginning of the game. Interestingly, in GTA III, no one else is ever seen driving one in Portland, they can only be found parked.

This car is also notable, as one to never appear in a GTA game that takes place outside of Liberty City.



GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Parked outside Vincenzo's place
  • In Saint Marks, parked where you dropped off the guns for Salvatore from the Cartel
  • Spawns regularly on all islands
  • Easy Credit Autos, Harwood, Portland Island
  • Near Toni Cipriani's contact point in Portland.

Appears In