L.C. Cage Fighters

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Two random Fighers

Underground Cage Fighting is a mini game in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is introduced to the player by Santo during the mission "Momma's Boy". Luis Lopez can either compete for $100 or spectate for $50. While spectating, bets can be placed on the winner. Each time the player defeats an opponent, the loser gets dragged away, and a new challenger is put in the next round. If Luis loses and is knocked out, the player is taken to Holland Hospital Center. Beating all rounds rewards the player with the Bear Fight achievement. As the player progresses to the next round, opponents bring baseball bats and knives.


  • Each round contains three opponents
  • At the end of each round, your health is raised by 5%
  • When the baseball bat comes out, try and counter his attack by dodging and taking it from him
  • The knife fighters are much more difficult. Don't miss a single hit on them!


  • There is a reference to The Karate Kid as spectators can be heard screaming "Sweep the leg, Johnny"!