LC24 Tower

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File:LC24 Tower (GTA4) (exterior).jpg
The LC24 Tower in GTA IV.

The LC24 Tower is a skyscraper at Bunker Hill Avenue in East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. The building is the tallest building in the entire Broker/Dukes island.


The LC24 Tower is the headquarters for the LC24 news and lifestyle magazine and is featured in the website Due to its tall stature in a relatively low rise neighbourhood of Liberty City, it can be seen from most areas of the Broker/Dukes island, in addition to some areas across the river in Bohan and the eastern coast of Algonquin. The tower is based on the Citicorp Building in Queens, New York.

The building has no prominent use in GTA IV. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, however, it is one of the base jumping points.