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LHD-69 is a Military amphibious aircraft carrier featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a first large military ship shown in GTA games. It was modelled from real US Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship. The ship is based in the Easter Basin Naval Station, San Fierro. The only time player will visit the ship in a 'normal' mode is during the mission Vertical Bird given by Mike Toreno, that also will be the only time when military personal present in the ship. Other time ship was inaccesible from ground or water, and even approach to it close enough or flight above it will result with 5-Star Wanted Level, with hordes of police chasing the player.

The wet dock of LHD-69

The ship consists from flight deck and two internal decks. The Hydra VTOL aircraft occasionally spawning on fligt deck. Two SAM sites on flight deck will fire to player if he will come nearer in any flying vehicle (including jetpack), but in mission Vertical Bird protagonist will completely disable them. Internal decks appear as warehouses, with crates and explosive military armament (useful to get rid of police). There are large load/unload bays in upper deck and wet dock in lower deck, with Vortex hovercraft in it (possible to drive out by stairs). There are Sprunk and Snacks vending machines inside, which can be used to restore health loosed in battle with police.


  • Tear Gas on a small box in lower internal deck.