Ladies Half Price

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Ladies Half Price is a mission in GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Gay Tony to Luis Fernando Lopez.


Old Man Ancelotti has ordered Gay Tony and Luis to get back his daughter, or he'll have them both killed. Luis dislikes the idea, but Tony has arranged a meet with the kidnappers of Gracie, to give them the diamonds for her safe return.


This mission is incredibly easy, with most of the important parts within the cutscenes rather then the actual gameplay. Once the opening cutscene ends, get into Tony's Schafter and drive to the back of Pier 45. There, get into the waiting boat and head over to the pink marker at the Chase Point Waste Management center. Once you float into the pink marker, another cutscene plays.

Luis and Tony meet up with kidnappers, along with a bound-and-gagged Gracie. That's right, it's Niko and Packie. The scene follows out exactly the way it does in Grand Theft Auto IV; after a few tense moments, Tony drops the diamonds in between them and Niko, in which Packie allows Gracie to walk over to Tony. As Luis, Tony, and Gracie turn to leave, Ray Bulgarin and his men show up to take back the diamonds he feels was rightfully his. As Niko and Packie turn to fight them, Luis, Tony, and Gracie run for the boat. Luis shoots one goon who goes after them, but one manages to hop on the back of them boat as they make their getaway.

Back in control, you must shake the goon off the back of the boat by violently shaking the boat left and right until he lets go. Once he's off, Gracie will order Luis go back and kill Niko and Packie, to which Luis refuses. As Gracie begins to shout and harrass Luis, he'll pull a "Niko" and punch her out cold. Head back to the pier to finish the mission.

Mission Requirements

Time: 3:55

Hanger On Time: 7 Seconds

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  • After shaking the mafia member hanging on the back of the boat, it is possible to go back and kill or injure Niko and Packie, without failing the mission. [1]. However, they can both have colossal amount of health and will attack Luis in return. Also, Luis can actually help Niko and Patrick by killing Bulgarin's men. Although after Bulgarin's men are down, neither Niko or Patrick continue forward, although they will attack the police. If Luis stays too long, Niko and Patrick will attack him.
  • Like in the original GTA IV, Packie uses a AK-47 in this mission you will notice this if you go back to try and kill Niko and Packie, Niko uses a Carbine Rifle in this mission.
  • For some reason, Bulgarin appears to be driving a different, white coloured car in this mission, he drove a black/brown Marbelle in the original cutscene.
  • If you are killed by Niko, you can sometimes see him pull out his cellphone and make a call, wait a few seconds, and hang up. No voices can be heard. This may possibly be a double Mission Fail Easter Egg: Luis for dying, Niko (if a human was actually playing him) for killing a kidnapper.
  • Gracie has an different outfit in her appearances in GTA IV, when she was wearing pure black clothes. During her appearances in TBoGT, she has black jeans, black cardigan and t-shirt with pink and black stripes.
  • Russian gangster who was shot by Luis after the deal is very similar to Claude.