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Rear side of the Landstalker in GTA IV

The Landstalker is an SUV that is available on all of the Grand Theft Auto III era games, as well as Grand Theft Auto IV. In each game, it has a different design, and in some cases, resembling not a specific car. in GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Stories, it doesn't resemble a specific car. however, in Vice City and Vice City Stories, it resembles a Jeep Wagoneer or Ford Explorer (actual rollover controversy), and in GTA IV, it resembles a 2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator, with elements of the Ford Excursion and Chevy Suburban but it also looks like an Infiniti QX56 or a Chrysler Aspen. It is manufactured by the Maibatsu Corporation in all games except GTA IV, where Dundreary Motors manufactures it. It's GTA IV incarnation is the largest SUV yet in the GTA series, but it is slower in GTA IV to compensate.

In GTA IV there are standard Landstalkers in a variety of colours, as well as black Landstalkers which have step side rails and TV screens in the headrests. These tend to be a little harder to find. Throughout its appearance, gamers have cited the vehicle as being notoriously unstable with its high center of gravity, and susceptibility to rollovers. The new Landstalker in GTA IV doesn't roll over anymore.


Grand Theft Auto III

  • Outside the hut in the north-west corner of Belleville Park. This is the startpoint for a checkpoints side-mission.