Las Venturas City Planning Department

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The Las Venturas City Planning Department

The Las Venturas City Planning Department is a municipal government building located near the Come-A-Lot casino in southeastern Las Venturas. This is the main setting of the mission Architectural Espionage, and is only accessible to the player during this mission. Blueprints for major building sites are contained within these offices, which are closely watched by guards carrying pistols. Photography within this building is strictly prohibited, as are unconcealed weapons.

The clock behind the receptionist reads and stays at 7:35, even though time moves at one minute per second of real-time in the game.

The "First Aid" room on the 3rd floor doesn't contain a life-restoring power-up nor a bulletproof vest, as some players are led to believe by the signage of the door.

Therefore, the only way to replenish your health in this building is by buying snacks from the snack machines for $1 each.


Guard: Put that weapon away, sir, this is a public building!

(After a few moments of not putting it away) Guard: This is your last warning, sir. Put that weapon away!