Las Venturas Police Department

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For information about how the LVPD pursuit the player, see here.
An LVPD police officer in GTA San Andreas.

The Las Venturas Police Department (LVPD) is the law enforcement agency in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, servicing the city of Las Venturas, and is a branch of the agency responsible for the entire state of San Andreas; the San Andreas Police Department. It is the second largest law enforcement structure in the entire state of San Andreas.


The LVPD's headquarters is located in the northeast of the city, in the Roca Escalante district and is where the player will re-spawn after being arrested anywhere within Las Venturas city limits. LVPD officers wear uniforms consisting of a light khaki shirt and light khaki pants. These officers carry a Nightstick and a Pistol, and when the player reaches a 4 star wanted level an LVPD officer will carry a Shotgun. They mostly travel in pairs inside a Police Car and many officers walk the streets of Las Venturas.

The LVPD is modeled after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The primary means of transportation for officers in Las Venturas is the Police Car. Interestingly, the police car in Las Venturas is unique, being based on a singular platform not used for any other vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The police cars in Los Santos and San Fierro are based on the Premier, a common civilian vehicle inspired by an early-mid 90's Chevrolet Caprice, while the LVPD cruiser resembles a late 80's Caprice. The police station is accessible and contains three weapons inside: a Shotgun, Pistol and a Nightstick, as well as a Body Armor. The police parking lot has two floors, with the bottom floor contains a glitch. Another mechanical garage door on the right hand side of the station leads to the underground parking lot.


  • The Las Venturas Police Department seal is the same seal that the Liberty City Police Department use, and the motto is the same as well - Taking the Law into Our own Hands.
  • LVPD officers appear to be the only police department in San Andreas that do not take part in police brutality.
  • Sometimes, in the underground parking garage, the player can find a Rhino, an FBI Rancher, a Hotring Racer, a Dumper or a Ranger. On very rare occasions, it is even possible to find a Rustler, a Leviathan, or a Hydra, even though there is no way out.


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