Leafy Hollow

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File:Leafy Hollow.jpg
The Truth's Farm in Leafy Hollow, Flint County.

Leafy Hollow is a rural area in Flint County, housing only one building, a farm owned by The Truth. It is the ending point for the first mission for The Truth, in where Carl has to steal a Combine Harvester from The Farm. Then, The Truth has CJ burn down his farm's illegal crops during the mission Are You Going To San Fierro?.

It is important to notice that along the dirt road leading to the main farm, there would be signs, reading "No Trespassing. Violators would be shot. Survivors would be shot again". But, there would be no person shooting you when you enter the farm. This may be a reference to the loading screen in Grad Theft Auto: Vice City with Phil's concept art, where he is seen holding a gun and a sign in the background with this message on it.

After the mission Body Harvest, a BF Injection can be found in the center of the farm. It is the only time when that vehicle spawns in Leafy Hollow.