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A fake Leatherface sighting.

Leatherface is one of several myths in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Leatherface myth is based on the serial killer from the 1974 American horror film classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film's character wore a mask fashioned from the skin of his victims, giving him his name.


There are reports of a Leatherface-esque character roaming the San Andreas countryside, particularly in the area of Back o' Beyond, which is also the purported location of Bigfoot, another GTA San Andreas myth. The character has a ghost-like appearance, apparently due to some sort of mask, which may or may not be an "optical illusion" due to slow or incomplete graphics draw. Many say they have seen Leatherface hanging around the dock in Palomino Creek with the old rusty wheelchair. People have also claimed that they see him in the wheelchair and a certain amount of flash photography can send him into the water. In the end there is no actual proof of the existence of Leatherface. There are many videos of sightings but any of them don't have any real proof, and can be easily be identified as fakes. Some have claimed that sightings and videos from the PS2 version of the game cannot be rules out as fakes, as this version is not moddable by any conventional methods. There is, however, always the fact that these are frequently blurry, as well as the availability of graphical editing software, enabling deceptive manipulation.


Leatherface is also a mod that is available for PC version of GTA San Andreas. Some have suggested that the Leatherface myth has evolved from the mod.

Possible Locations Of Leatherface

  • The Panoticon area is said to be Leatherface's home as he has been "sighted" in the cabins there at night during stormy or foggy conditions. Other suggestions of foul-play in this area are a [{Chainsaw]] pickup as well as alleged bloodstains in the cabins.
  • The cabin on Mount Chiliad used in the mission Badlands
  • Fishers Lagoon, due to the mysterious nature of the wheelchair and barrels in the area
  • The cabin at Shady Creeks near Angel Pine
  • The cabin north of Los Santos on Northstar Rock
  • Any number of cabins and farms across San Andreas