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The Lee Family is a sub-sect of the Triads in Liberty City lead by Wu Lee. The gang is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars where the game's protagonist, Huang Lee, is a member of the gang. The gang was previously lead by Huang's father, Mr. Lee before his death at the hands of his brother Wu.

Members of the crime family Note:The words in quotation marks are the offical names for a postition in a real life Triad family the words in brackets are the equivalent postitions in a non triad gang.

Mr.Lee: The old family "Mountain Master" (Don) father of Huang Lee. Mr.Lee was murdered in 2009 by Wu Lee. Wu Lee AKA "Kenny": the current "Mountain Master"(Don) he is Mr.lee's brother and he obtained this postion by Murdering his brother. Huang Lee:The Main Protagonist and "Deputy Mountain Master" (Underboss) a spoilt rich kid who was born in Hong Kong in 1983.He is the only son of Mr.Lee. He has arrived in Liberty City to Track down Yu Jian a sword and Lee family heirloom,To work for his uncle and to claim his right to leadership of the triads. Ling Shan:The Lee family "Straw Sandal"(Capo) she is the only female triad member and is killed early in the storyline. She has a a brother called Xin Shan. Xin ShanThe "Red Pole" (Soldier) of the Lee Family.Xin Shan is rarely seen is the main game but he only makes an apperance if Huang Finds 2 Lions of Fo.