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The Lee Family is a sub-sect of the Triads in Liberty City. The gang is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars where the game's protagonist, Huang Lee, is a member of the gang. The gang was previously lead by Huang's father, Mr. Lee before his death at the hands of his brother, Wu.

Family and Members

Note: The words in quotation marks are the official names for a position in a real life Triad family. The words in the brackets are the equivalent positions in a non-triad gang.

Mr. Lee

  • The former "Mountain Master" (Don) of the Lee Family and the father of Huang Lee. Mr. Lee was murdered in 2009 by Wu Lee.

Wu Lee

  • The former "Mountain Master" (Don). He is Mr. Lee's brother and he obtained this position by secretly murdering him. He was killed by Huang in 2009, after he found out that Wu killed his father.

Huang Lee:

  • The "Deputy Mountain Master" (Underboss), presumably later the "Mountain Master" (Don). He is a spoiled rich kid who was born in Hong Kong in 1983. He had arrived in Liberty City to deliver Yu Jian, a sword and a Lee family heirloom to his uncle.

Ling Shan:

  • The Master-at-arms and a female Triad member. As she and Huang were sent to defend some of Wu's businesses from attacking Irish American Killers, she was shot and killed by one of them. Her brother, Xin, is also a member of the gang.

Xin Shan:

  • A "Red Pole" (Soldier) of the Lee Family. Xin started working with Huang after the latter found two Lions of Fo. As Xin did a bank robbery while Huang was distracting the cops, Xin got lethally shot. Huang drove Xin to an alleyway in Cerveza Heights, where Xin died. This was the same alleyway that his sister died in.