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Leg$ 1991.jpg

|thumb|200px|Leg$ album cover.]]

Leg$ is an album released by R&B singer Rochell'le, published by Blastin Fools in 1991.

Album review

The most interesting thing about this album is the obvious departure from the "good girl" image on her debut. A more confident and revealing Rochell'le appears, not afraid to flaunt her fair-skinned sexuality to the urban market. The pop world was stunned by this reverse cross-over move, and while the street flocked to this release, her suburban fanbase vanished. –Forgotten Legends of West Coast Rap


  • "Street Queen"
  • "Vanilla Na Na"
  • "A Dogg's Bitch" (duet with Madd Dogg)
  • "Blastin' Bitch"