Leo Teal

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Leo Teal was a chef featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He worked in the Ocean Beach area. As well as cooking he worked as a drug dealer, and sold some of the drugs Ricardo Diaz got hold of from the ambushed Forelli-Vance deal. Teal also performed assasinations for an unkown group. Early on in the game he was tracked down by protragonist Tommy Vercetti and had a fight with him, in which he was killed. Tommy takes aquired his phone, but was soon confronted by some of Leo's chef friends. Vercetti was then helped to safety by Lance Vance.

Later on in the game Vercetti recieved a call on Teal's phone from a man stating there were purchasers for Diaz's drugs. The caller is then spooked by Vercetti being on the other line and hangs up.

Tommy also performs some assasinations as the group still believes he is Mr. Teal, never hearing his voice.