Liberty City (5)

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Liberty City (5)
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Trophy grade: Silver
Gamerscore: 20 Gamerscore
Requirement: Your friends all like you above 90%

Liberty City (5) is a trophy/achievement in GTA IV. It is not story related, so it can be missed while playing the game.


You acquire this trophy when you've gained at least 90% of liking on each of your five friends. They are: Roman Bellic, Brucie Kibbutz, Little Jacob, Packie McReary and Dwayne Forge. You only need to raise the like to 90% on the friends who are alive. That means that if any of the characters die during the course of the game and they didn't like you 90% at the time of their death, that will not ruin you getting this achievement/trophy, since the game accounts for that.

Known issues

  • If Dwayne has died, he could still be shown in the stats-screen. You will still get the trophy though. (PS3)

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